About us

Korean micro puppies are currently in stock and ready for worldwide hand to hand delivery. We offer only the absolute best! Korean dogs are truly unparalleled, maintaining a perpetual puppy appearance throughout their lives, characterized by large eyes, a miniature snub nose, and a compact size. If you’re seeking a puppy whose appearance remains delightful and cute even when it grows up, we welcome you to explore our best selection.

✍ Upon entering into a contract with us, you are assured to receive the chosen puppy; otherwise, we guarantee a refund along with compensation for the time invested!

We proudly hold the leadership position in the small dog market in Europe

We strictly avoid any involvement with low-quality dogs

We take pride in having not a single dissatisfied customer!


Beware of resellers with fabricated reputations. There is a 95% likelihood that they may provide you with a bad quality or an unhealthy puppy.

Additionally, instances of swapping Korean dogs with those from China have been reported. Always check the documents accompanying a puppy.

Essential Korean dog documents:

  1. Receipt
  2. Korean veterinary certificate (confirming the dog passed state veterinary control in Korea and is in good health).
  3. Korean air waybills.
  4. Customs clearance documents (valid import documentation).
  5. Contract inclusive of a health guarantee.
  6. Korean certificate from the nursery.

Why us?


We deliver pets all over the world. We take payment after you receive a puppy

In stock

We consistently maintain a diverse range of dogs in stock, ordering from Korea is also an option


All our clients have access to free, unlimited post-purchase consultations

Health guarantee

Every puppy we offer comes with a health guarantee as specified in the contract

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