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Please check out our best selection of adorable puppies from Korea ready to be delivered to your country worldwide. We take pride in offering only the rarest puppies, this is our specialty. Korean dogs are truly unmatched, retaining their puppy-like charm with their large eyes, tiny snub noses, and petite stature throughout their lives. If you're seeking an extraordinary puppy whose appearance will continue to delight even as it grows, we invite you to visit us at Micropet Korea.

When you sign a contract with us, rest assured you'll receive the exact puppy you've chosen. Should there be any discrepancy, we'll promptly refund your money and provide compensation for any inconvenience.


Beware of unscrupulous resellers with dubious reputations. There's a 95% likelihood they'll supply you with a subpar or unhealthy puppy. Additionally, there have been instances of Korean dogs being swapped with those from China. Always verify the puppy's documentation, including:

1. Certificate from the Korean nursery.

2. Korean veterinary certificate confirming the dog's health after state veterinary inspection in Korea.

3. Korean air waybills.

4. Customs clearance documents (for legal import).

5. Contract including a health guarantee.

6. Receipt.

Remember, a dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than itself.


Our Transparency and Honesty in Economics

We take pride in our transparency regarding the pricing of our puppies. We never conceal our economics, as we believe that honesty is the key to successful relationships with our clients. The entire pricing process is subject to scrutiny and calculations, and we are ready to share this information with you.

How is the price of a puppy formed?

1. High cost of the puppy in Korea: We pay special attention to the procurement stage. Quality starts from day one, and we never compromise on procurement, carefully selecting and acquiring only the RAREST specimens. This ensures that each of our pets is a very rare dog with unique characteristics. They are characterized by small size, snub faces, small noses, and big, expressive eyes.

2. Logistics with full insurance: Cost $2000 per head (already included in the price on the website). We value every life and strive to ensure the comfort and safety of our pets during transportation. With full logistics insurance, the cost of which varies depending on the number of puppies in the shipment, we guarantee the quality and safe journey of each dog.

3. Customs clearance (legal import): We only use transparent and legal practices. Legal importation provides us with documents from the state veterinary control in Korea, Korean airway bills, and customs clearance documents.

4. Taxes + Acquiring: It is important for us to comply with all laws and obligations to the state. Taxes and acquiring ensure the financial transparency and stability of our business.

Together we create an exceptional world filled with the beauty and uniqueness of Korean dogs. Thank you for choosing our boutique, where happiness is born on paws.

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